The lightness of the soul resisting the weight of the matter that sinks impassively its roots in the depth of the earth. Flax is matter, where I ask, I seek and I find; the violent commotion that shakes the color. The paper is the soul, where the color rests after the storm. The alchemy that nature gives originates it differently.

In a second reading you can distinguish animals and fantastic creatures hidden among the colore. Brushstrokes that are turned towards the world in a process of introspection that embraces the purest self-knowledge in order to heal and, in short, achieve liberation. Steps towards a new awakening of consciousness. The being, which I am, is present.


Macarena was born in a village of white houses in Andalusia. She discovered the colors in the stories that her grandmother gave her every Saturday morning.

At the age of eighteen she is admitted to the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville. She expanded her studies in Italy where she is fascinated by the work of Botticelli and in particular, Penitent Magdalene by Donatello.

At present, her creative process is influenced by her passion for nature and esoteric sciences, arising an intense spirituality inside her that pervades every project she make.