Nanina’s Adventures is the history of our being. Is the reflection of our impressions through the course of life. Our joys and our fears. The main character will teach us to reach the dreams that arase our souls.

Nanina’s Adventures are divided in eight books arranged in series made in three years in the artist’s study. (2011 – 2013)


“The middling one is incessant, it won’t stop braying. Nanina warning about the donkey’s moaning, hides underneath the silk-fabric. Her hands are trembling. That reality scares her. Maybe, she discovered, taking root in her chest the most common of the seeds. Maybe, her illusions will disapear as the ones of those others, giving way to a sad peacefulness.”
Edition in 2 copies whit japanesse bookbinding, 2011. Lithographies illuinated over 330 gr. magnani paper. Collage of lithography and aquarelle over japanesse paper.

  • Book: 504 mm x 330 mm
  • Lithographies: 465 mm x 285 mm
  • Pages: 3


“In the depths of the forest a rhinoceros watches as donkeys have fun trying to catch their longings. These float like bubbles between the trees. One of them heads for Nanina. She wants to catch it. She put her hands up. She touch it lightly with her fingers. She is going to get it – Jump, little girl! JUMP! – say the spirit of the place. But she does not dare. They all look at each other in the silence. “My knees, my feet, and every one of my bones hurt me.” She stammer as she lower her head. The pachyderm’s horn swells the horn, it is rage.”
Edition of 4 copies. Bookbinding technique: folder, 2011. Lithographs illuminated with wax and pigments on Japanese paper.

  • Book: 330 mm x 240 mm
  • Lithographies: 285 mm x 215 mm
  • Pages: 4


“Nanina puts on her hat. She feels lively, capable of anything. In the forest rumor about a flower called Rosa Abril. With courage he ventures on his quest. Ride towards the depth of the forest. “It must be there.” Ash-colored rocks and a leafless tree make the cave distinctive. As you step inside the cavern the howl of a beast explodes. Panic runs through every hair on his skin. He runs to take refuge behind the tree. It’s a tree man, this one looked at it and said: – What do you do hidden? -I’m scared. “Afraid of what?” “From the beast of the beast, from the keeper, from not finding Rosa Abril …” “You do not realize that fear makes you hear howls of beast when it is the rustling of the leaves, you do not realize that the flowers are hiding Because they do not want to be cut and dried.

The tree man sheds its trunk, and from its entrails shoots a stem that in an instant becomes Rosa Abril – See, has life, has soul. Naniná understands. He puts on his cap and sets off towards the setting sun.

Edition of 4 copies in binding: folder, 2011 – 2012. Lithographies  Illuminated with wax and pigment on Japanese paper and on Magnani and Zerkall.

  • Book: 450 mm x 290 mm
  • Lithographies: 450 mm x 287 mm
  • Pages: 7


“In blue were her dreams, flowers of infinite blues waved by the wind, while she dreamed her whole being in peace was, the birds fluttered and she of fear-free blue enveloped her soul. He imagined himself to be a child with a balloon playing, who dragged him until he stopped his feet on the ground, guided by clouds that rocked him in the sky.

From the heights he watched as the astonished serpent watched his bravery succeeded, Siosi realized when he jumped to catch up.”

Edition of 4 copies. Binding technique: folder, 2012. Lithographies on
Japanese paper, one of them with chine collé and others illuminated.

  • Book: 605 mm x 460 mm
  • Lithographies: 600 mm x 445 mm
  • Pages: 1


“In the forest of fragile blue greens, the cups become entangled with each other to reach the few rays of light above the storm clouds. Below, Naniná fights with all her forces against herself, but the accumulation of fears is immense. Merman his courage while the false angelic faces oppressed his chest. It loses balance and falls. This time there are no excuses, want to achieve. Everyone looks at her and comments. Some encourage her to follow. Take a step. Trots. His mouth tastes like clay. The rain does not give a truce. Her tears are confused with the earth. However, she shouts, “I will not give up!”
Edition of 4 copies. Binding technique: folded, folder, 2012.
Lithographies + woodcut on Japanese paper.

  • Book: 245 mm x 218 mm
  • Lithographies with woodcuts: 610 mm x 450 mm
  • Pages: 2


“Nanina started to shake her wings. Siosí was staring at her. She had been for so long without shaking them that they were atrophied.

Nanina was feeling how, little by little, her body leviated and aimlessly, was beginning to more. So big was the emotion that she felt she was shaking her wings stronger. Her body begin to spin around in the shape of a spiral. Such was the reached speed that she vanished, leaving behind the red track of her pain.”

Edition in 4 copies. Technique of bookbinding: folder, 2013. Litographies illuminate with wax and pigments on B.F.K. Rives paper.

  • Book: 157 mm x 230 mm
  • Litographies: 148 mm x 148 mm
  • Pages: 5


“Naniná regreted her atrophied wing. Everybody went flying while she looked for a thousand excuses for not to fly, because she thought her wing would make her fall.

One day, Siosí told her: — Why are you still here, aren’t you into reaching the horizon? — yes, but my wing will make me fall to the space. Siosí started telling her the adventures she had lived, the beautiful corners he had met… and as she was staring at him, she saw in his eyes the sparkle of everything she desired.

Without noticing, she infolded, shaked and discovered that they were strong and beautiful, understanding that fear made her look atrophied.

Her friends showed her the way fowards the horizon and she begun to fly safe, leaning the burden of her fears.”

Edition in 5 copies. Technique of bookbinding: folder, 2013. Litographies on Zerkall paper.

  • Book: 280 mm x 230 mm
  • Litographies: 275 mm x 227 mm
  • Pages: 5


“Siosí, asleep, dreamt with a flowered field where he played with clouds. Among them, he saw the picture of the woman who obsess him.

She was dressed in alfalfa, he looked at her and in his dream he ran towards her but as he wanted to reach her she became a cloud.

He woke up. Awake he wanted to live his dream, to come back to her to reach her but, with the attempt, he came back to sleep awake, staying in an everlasting coma, where he stopped living awake forever.”

Edition in 5 copies. Technique of bookbinding: folded, 2013. Litographies on japanesse paper.

  • Book: 605 mm x 460 mm
  • Litographies: 600 mm x 445 mm
  • Pages: 3