“Ancestrina wandered through an steep forest. She couldn’t find her way back home! She was going round and round senseless. So, tired, she leaned on the closet tree trunk and… suddenly an entrance opened half way. She leaned out her head. Her hairs bristled. A thick fog enveloped her. Someone or something she didn’t remember to have ever seen invited in. Ancestrina understood and she got inside, The hole got wider as she walked in.
When she reached the end, she discovered a world full of never-ending waterfalls, never-imagined vegetations and bird-singings even more odd, as well as hideouts where little shadows remained hidden. In spite of the unheard of her situation Ancestrina felt safe. Then, the wild goat urged her to climb in search of the answer in the highest places of her being.

She meditated. She felt being an owl watching over the traces she had been transmitted decades before. When she opened her eyes she was guided back home by two light beings. Once in her home, she understood she had to knit her own life. To dominate her thoughts to design the fabric she wanted to live.


“Dust from stars, eyes of toad, water from rain! I conjure you up for us to travel by flying the Milky Way!”


“The waterfall wept and wept. Her teardrops fell fast thorough the mountain. They hit fiercely against the rocks. A big number of bubbles floading in the air and, inside of them, delicate goblins played. Meanwhile, the creatures of the forest placed the teardrops to make a river where they could have fun.”